By Kingsley Nwachukwu

” Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find” Matthew 7:7.

Asking is both an apostolic and prophetic step attracting HUMAN and DIVINE ASSISTANCE.

Until you ask, it may NEVER be given to you.
Asking is different from BEGGING. The latter places the receiver at a PITIABLE state; highly frustrated, hopeless and faithless. A beggar pesters people and believes he is at the mercy of human beings. He takes every thing personal. The asking fellow, on the other hand, is BOLD, FIRM and CONCENTRATED. He states the OPPORTUNITIES to his listeners and allows them to decide. He never personalises issues neither does he harbour grudges if his requests are not granted.kingskenwacguknwachu
Take for instance:
1) In relating with intending marriage partner, it will be rare and strange for a sister to ask for a brother’s hand in marriage. She can only exhibit basic SYMPTOMS but never to make proposal. I can recall my experience with the third sister I proposed. After my proposal, she exclaimed ” But Kingsley, why?.Why weren’t you coming forth?”. She explained that she had been waiting for my proposal. It was just three months ago that she gave a positive response to one of the suitors from her country side. She made me to understand that her mother had been asking if I had marriage intention.They are from a wealthy family and her mother belonged to the Women Fellowship of my church. I usually go to look for trouble in Women Fellowship after youths meetings ( as every single in my church is said to be youth). I could shout ” Mothers of my youths” and await verbal missiles from them. ” Brother Kingsley, go and marry ooo. We will arrange a wife for you, one of these service days”. We would laugh over it and depart. Hardly did I know that some mothers use to discuss about it in their enclave. According to this sister, in one of such interactions, she over heard some of the women saying that I am one of such young men every well-thinking mother should have as son-in-law. According to her, they mentioned five rare qualities and one “but” on my head; and her family believes that the so-called “but” is not a serious matter. Unfortunately, I never surfaced until then. I appreciated her polite response and was about to leave. Suddenly, I discovered her mood had change. On inquiry, she told me she is currently confused and I have spoilt her day. I inquired how far she has gone with the suitor. They have already finished family introduction with fixed dates for traditional marriage and wedding. I prayed, counseled and tried as much as possible to avoid her and her family throughout that period. I only surfaced during her wedding to make noise and cheer her up. Unfortunately, that was our last encounter. Less than a year after, we lost her at child birth! ( May her beautiful soul continue to rest in the Lord !). So, to the single ( as this is almost turning to marriage seminar) BE READY TO ASK. Only GOD can tell how many brothers who have lost opportunities of marrying wonderful sisters in drama ministry for unwillingness to open up . Please, it does not take anything. Do not propose, looking at the sky or on your shoe. Look at the sister, eye-ball to eye-ball. Be bold. The highest she can say is “NO”! It shouldn’t give you heart attack. They said the same thing to some of your fathers in faith! Just two sentences needed ( Sister, I LOVE You. I want to MARRY you). Every other thing is MODIFIER: “You are the only sun that brightens my way. For your sake, I can leave this drama ministry. Whenever I see you, I lose my sense of direction. You are the only mosquito in my net, etc” are all good! No police will arrest you. No DSS officer will tread after you. Just make it as simple as possible. Do not speak in parables. Speak in clear terms, so that you can be QUOTED. If possible, avoid spiritual controversy like ” The Holy Spirit told me you are my wife”. This may prolong the matter. She may insist on hearing from the Holy Spirit ( even when she has not been hearing from Holy Spirit). A human being will then become her Holy Spirit. Please, do not complicate your matter. Do not implicate the Holy Spirit. Whatever He tells you is a PRIVILEGED INFORMATION. Take responsibility and He will be DIRECTING your steps to make EVERY THING ( both good and seemingly bad) to work in your FAVOUR ( Though like a distraction, I see these points helping some souls right now in JESUS name!).
2) In relating with co-ministers, be willing to give OPPORTUNITY for people and institution to PARTNER with you. The work of GOD is BIG and it is always to every man according to his FAITH. Your divine assignment has the potential to IMPACT lives, ATTRACT destiny helpers and opposition. That work in your hand is too BIG; it might have been limited by your unwillingness to ASK for partnership. Take it raw: there is no serious minded minister of GOD that does not engage in ASKING. For instance, you can see so many ministries who are already financially strong , asking for younger drama ministers and ministries to help them take their audio-visual materials to television stations in their localities, help them contact churches for ministrations, etc. Yet, the same younger ministers and ministries are reluctant to ask for reduction in cost of using equipments, personnel or even inviting established ministers and ministries in their programmes. What a funny scenario!
Just to buttress a point. I have understood some ways GOD leads me. I always try to follow despite public opinion. I have many platforms through which I engage my drama-teaching ministries (GOLDEN EXPOSURES). My audience goes beyond drama ministers in church settings to academic and entertainment sector. I try to be careful with my audience ( different contents to different people; with sole aim of salvaging the souls of those who engage in dramatic presentations, recruiting known and unknown soldiers into the field and trusting GOD for earthly and eternal rewards. I was therefore led to include my ACCOUNT DETAILS in my work. Despites some people’s observation, I left it as it is purely OPTIONAL. Guess what! Few hours ago, someone called to appreciate our works with an alert covering the expected expenses for the next few months.
Stop complaining. Stop murmurring. LET THE PEOPLE WHOSE PLATFORMS YOU NEED/ NEED YOU, KNOW YOUR EXPECTATIONS. It is theirs to decide and GOD to judge!
3) In relating with GOD, you must willing to ask. GOD loves people who know WHAT they want but willing to allow Him have his way ( His WILL) when it contradicts with theirs. PRAYER remains a link to GOD and prayer is simply: ASKING, THANKING and DEFENDING.
Hezekiah’s death was already announced by GOD via his prophet. God had to change the pronouncement when the man ASKED ( 2 Kings 20: 5) . After Herod had killed James, the church asked and GOD stepped in ( Acts 12: 3). Take it or not, GOD is not moved by your crying and complaining, serving and spending. He is interested in what you SAY. JESUS saw a blind man and was still asking him what he wanted. GOD MAY NEVER step into any matter until you ask ( INVITE) Him.
I believe you must have been blessed.
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See you again in this glorious platform next friday.
Your brother,
Pst KC Nwachukwu.
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