Opinion: My Take on Nollywood By Kingsley Nwachukwu


By Kingsley Nwachukwu

( Having been given approval, finally, by the Holy Spirit. I wish to make some clarifications and stay out of this controversial matter until I further notice. I will therefore be SAD to acknowledge any PRIVATE CHAT or side comment that does not EDIFY. By the grace of GOD, Golden Exposures is NOT a political movement nor social club for breaking divine ordinances. It is a drama-teaching ministry, divinely orchestrated in covenant to communicate the TRUTH , raise the BARS of gospel drama practitioners to the next generation. We can therefore not be part of any unholy alliance in thoughts, words and actions to destroy the very PURPOSE of which we have been CALLED).

1) WHAT is NOLLYWOOD? As applicable in Hollywood and Bollywood, NOLLYWOOD is a term coined to describe the Nigerian movie industries like that of their counterparts in America and India.

Thus, to every ordinary Nigerian, external populace and movie-maker, EVERY FILM MAKER in Nigeria is a member of Nollywood.

2) WHY were the founding fathers of drama evangelism in Nigeria not inclined to Nollywood?
This is where HISTORY comes in. Kindly get my book: The Gospel Side of Nollywood. It will help you . However, you can take the following points:

i) Before the blockbuster ( Living in Bondage) that attracted the name Nollywood, there have been existence of so many “SECULAR PRODUCTIONS” ranging from epic, immoral, idolatrous,academic audio-visual to soap operas. The emergence of LIVING in BONDAGE in 1991 was only a climax point.

ii) By that time the concept of Nollywood was almost coming to global attention, some individuals in drama ministries were already engaging in serious gospel dramatic performances. Some of their audio-visual production followed suit.

iii) The emergence of the Nollywood concept, ushered in new lords ( marketers-turned producers), mostly of eastern extraction who tried to dictate and define the entertainment industry. Most of them were more interested in producing WHAT people WANTED than what were NEEDED. They started arranging themselves into GUILDS. Infact, Evang Mike Bamiloye, KSO, Elvon Jarrette, David Okeowo, etc had to open another association in the name of National Guild of Evangelical Movie-Makers ( NGEM) when they felt the secular section of Nollywood may extend their tentacle into evangelical production; thereby over-shadowing us. I was in that nite- meeting at Ibadan when they had to soft-pedal on it when majority were of the view that NGEM will destroy ANCEDRAM. Infact, that meeting helped me to understand another version of Evang Mike Bamiloye. He was so provoked and opened up so many things that can only be understood by right thinking leaders.


i) Gospel drama is on a PROPHETIC SIDE ( Isaiah 2 : 2- 3).It is GOD’s INTENTION that it will become the HEAD of all artistic presentations. All nations are to adore it; hence the noise and distractions to all that practices it. Until we get to Heaven before we understand HOW MANY God’s intending VESSELS that have failed in carrying that assignment. It will be dangerous to cite some of such names here.

ii) It could have been FATAL. The new VISION and PERSPECTIVE of drama evangelism as being inspired by GOD to a man whose DIVINE CAMERA was being focused, MIKE BAMILOYE, could have been DISTRACTED and CONSUMED. The enemy could have use his own team member to kill him if they had joined the wider entertainment industry known as Nollywood. He and the entire team needed to be SEPARATED to chart a NEW COURSE. That was GOD’S INTENTION for establishment of ANCEDRAM like other intending gospel drama associations that had to be closed.

iii) The emergence of Nollywood attracted all seemingly old practitioners, experienced stage,cinema and television cast and crew members who unconsciously formed a STRUCTURE that could not have been friendly to GOSPEL DRAMA & MOVIE PRODUCTION. How could you convince these experienced PROFESSIONALS on dos and don’ts of drama ministers in stage, negative bounce back, not romancing or smoking on set, engaging in prayer and fasting before interpretation of role, etc ? Where will you start? They will simply laugh and push you aside as lazy, unprofessional artiste.


Now, this is NOT Holy Spirit. This is my perception.
i) Drama ministers should feel free to attend to any TECHNICAL TRAINING being organised by any secular drama/ film outfit. Be attentive to all the teachings and practicals. You can filter later.

ii) Be BOLD to hire any of their technical crew member, if you are not comfortable with the expertise of available gospel film-maker. Do not spiritualise this challenge, or you end up weeping in the future. However, remember cars are packed at the owner’s risk. You are responsible for WHATEVER happens in that production. The spiritual atmosphere, morality and code of conduct. No excuse to heaven and earth!

iii) Try to DEFINE yourself by STICKING to only gospel production ( if truly on CALL) or moral and academic production if on TALENT-hunt. Do NOT act on secular production that will drag your gospel reputation to the mud. Do not engage in idolatrous and immoral production ( even if you are not the one acting the role). The LINE has been drawn. Sooner than later, the GOSPEL SIDE of Nollywood will become heavily attractive and life-rewarding. GOD is behind the scene. Our men are currently taking over the THEATRE DEPARTMENTS of many institutions, affiliating with UNIVERSITIES for gospel drama courses at masters and PHD levels, building global networks of like-minds, engaging in intensive research and teaching like I am currently doing, etc. A high percentage of my publications are currently in secular domain ( including Nollywood headquarters ). The future is BRIGHT and we will get THERE!


5 ) CAN A DRAMA MINISTER ( not christian actor) ACT in SECULAR PRODUCTION?
The answer depends solely on the so-called drama minister in question. How did he enter the ministry? By DIVINE INTUITION or TALENT? Any truth over- stretched becomes an error. The nature of work done by man is determined by his belief. There are some individuals the SPIRIT of GOD may not permit to partake in so-called moral or academic drama that is devoid of the MYSTERY of the CROSS. The general bench mark is in Philp 4: 8. No sane drama minister ( talk less of christian actor) should engage in drama with sexual/idolatrous themes and sequences, actions and costumes capable of endangering your christian faith. The production should be JUSTIFIABLE, full of FAITH and GOOD REPORT.


6 ) WHY is GOSPEL SIDE of Nollywood not taking full control in NIGERIA?
Still standing on the authority in the name of Christ Jesus on which all of us have been called, the answer is in TWO DIMENSION : The Leadership and Followership Challenge.

i) LEADERSHIP: GOD is not an author of confusion. It is an obvious fact that the MANDATE ( spiritual camera) is resting on Evang. Mike Bamiloye. The Holy Spirit made me to understand that he is fully aware. The western part of the country has been ushered into their prophetic role via AGBARA NLA ( somebody may argue that it is mount zion film). Esin Ajoji was just official ceremony of the prophetic move. It was therefore GOD’s intention that Evang. Bamiloye organizes similar productions to prophetically unveil the northern and eastern parts. This, he has not done ; rather encouraging the regions to continue in their own methods and thinking.

On numerous occasions, even the man, now born-again, on whose production turned Nigeria into Nollywood ( Kenneth Nnebue) have tried very hard to carry the role but to no avail. SPIRITUAL things are SPIRITUAL. It has nothing to do with tribe, gender, educational qualification, depth of biblical knowledge, technicality, etc .It is just a function of OIL, DIVINE LIGHT and CAMERA being focused on a man. The divine camera shows whose ACTION to be focused per TIME. Like JOHN the BAPTIST but more than John, the mantle is on Mike Bamiloye to unveil the people; yet, he is not thinking in that line. Once the TEAM are unveiled,HEAVEN will OPEN and GOD will speak. THINGS will start falling in their right places. Therefore, nobody is clamouring for Evang Mike Bamiloye to start jumping from one production outfit to another. How many persons’ production can he honour? How many towns in Nigeria can he cover at this age? He will certainly be distracted, caged and wearied . A NATIONAL production or EASTERN and NORTHERN REGION productions can handle the issue.

ii) FOLLOWERSHIP: Most leaders and members of ANCEDRAM in eastern and northern regions are seeing things DIFFERENTLY. Many are thinking of doing things themselves ( a belief not strange to typical African). A single production, each, can unveil the regions. Doing it without prophetic insight is like going for TALENT- HUNT. It will not be enough to confront what is ahead of us. This is not about show-casing gospel artistes across ethnic and geo-political lines. I am referring to prophetic actions. If ANCEDRAM runs properly today, it will become the prophetic CORNERSTONE of Nollywood. The question of acting or not acting in Nollywood, will die a natural death. I have to stop here before I over step my spiritual boundaries.

For details, get my books: 1) The Gospel Side of Nollywood 2) The Ten Commandments of Faith-Based Association.
Your brother,
Pst Kingsley Nwachukwu
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