INTERVIEW: Our Movie Addresses High, Alarming Rate of Divorce


Love and Marriage Hub is a divinely ordained ministry to impact families and relationship positively. The ministry which clocked 8 years this year will be releasing a movie titled Love and Marriage. In an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News, the movie producer, Pastor Ayotunde Olumide revealed how the ministry started, challenges facing marriages, how to overcome, amongst others. Excerpt:


What’s the ministry name and how did it start?

Love and Marriage Hub. The ministry started in 2015 with the burden to impacts family and relationships positively.

How many movies have you produced?

Two movies

What’s the idea behind these skit series?

The idea is to reach out to singles and married people with the aim of guiding them in making right decisions about their relationship and for them to have heaven on earth marriage.


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Why this topic at this season?

Because of challenges been faced in different marriages all over the world.


When is the release date and how often should people expect it?

19th of August, 2023. Weekly

On which channel will it be release and how can people access it?

On my YouTube channel Ayotunde Olumide.


What are the challenges the ministry has faces and how did it overcome?

Financial challenges. God has miraculously provided.


What’s your take on the rate of divorce and separation in marriages today even among believers?

The rate is high and very alarming. This is one of the reasons we started educating couples on how to run a successful marriage.

What’s your advise to couples at this end time?

Please be watchful and guide your home jealously

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